Thursday, March 10, 2016

Jesus and His blood

Jesus and His blood
By Alexandra, March 2016

Yesterday Alexandra, our 6 year old daughter, gave me this picture she had drawn. Her explanation as she handed it to me was something like, 'See Mum, this is Jesus and His blood.'

Okay. I look up from my work and look at what she has drawn. And yes, it is Jesus and His blood. After a couple of very challenging weeks, what a wonderfully simple reminder of what we have been given, regardless of what is going on - Jesus and His blood.

Therefore, since we are not justified (acquitted, made righteous, and brought into right relationship with God) by Christ's blood, how much more [certain is it that] we shall be saved by Him from the indignation and wrath of God. Romans 5:9 AMP

The Message Bible puts it this way,

Now that we are set right with God by means of this sacrificial death, the consummate blood sacrifice, there is no longer a question of being at odds with God in any way. 
Romans 5:9 The Message

And then look what it goes on to say, another reminder of just how much God loves us, and what He has done for us even though we didn't deserve it.

If, when we were at our worst, we were put on friendly terms with God by the sacrificial death of his Son, now that we're at our best, just think of how our lives will expand and deepen by the means of his resurrection life! Now that we have actually received this amazing friendship with God, we are no longer content to simply say it in prodding prose. We sing and shout our praises to God through Jesus, the Messiah!
Romans 5:10-11 The Message

We have direct access to the creator of the universe. Jesus has given us that access.

So, friends, we can now - without hesitation - walk right up to God, into "the Holy Place." Jesus has cleared the way by the blood of his sacrifice, acting as our priest before God. The "curtain" into God's presence is his body. Hebrews 10:21 The Message

And what's more, the creator of the universe wants to talk to us and hear from us. He wants to hear how much we love Him; to hear that we need Him; to hear that we love the people He has created; to hear that we are willing to be His hands and feet here on this earth. 

So let's do it - full of belief, confident that we're presentable inside and out. Let's keep a firm grip on the promises that keep us going. He always keeps his word. Hebrews 10:22-23 The Message

This intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father is available to us because of Jesus and His blood. Today let's take some time to think about Jesus and His blood, and what He has done for us. And sing and shout our praise.

And from Jesus Christ the faithful and trustworthy Witness, the Firstborn of the dead [first to be brought back to life] and the Prince (Ruler) of the kings of the earth. to Him Who ever loves us and has once [for all] loosed and freed us from our sins by His own blood. And formed us into a kingdom (a royal race), priests to His God and Father - to Him be the glory and the power and the majesty and the dominion throughout the ages and forever and ever. Amen (so be it). Revelation 1:5-6 AMP

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